WMV to iMovie Converter

As Mac users, whether it is novice or pro alike, there are occasions you need to use iMovie to edit video in there for a specific purpose, whether it is for home video as entertainment or for a project as business. It is undeniable that iMovie plays an increasingly import role in our digital life.

I gathered some commonly raised issue about how to import WMV to iMovie, you may find the result would be all the same: they got no answer yet very confused. Let’s check it out:

Situation 1: I get a lot of videos from work that are in the .WMV format, and want to work on them in iMovie, but I can't figure out the best way to get them there?

Situation 2: I have recently converted to Mac but all my videos are wmv’s when I chose file/import/movies all the wmv's are grayed out & can't be selected.

Situation 3: One of my friend imported video from a DV cam-recorder onto a WinXP laptop. Video clips were made on his machine using MS Movie Maker in WMV files. But I’m using iMovie, I would like to import the video clips he created with Movie Maker inside iMovie so that I can "merge" them with other clips I imported directly on my iBook. Does any of you know if we can (if yes - how?) import clips made in MS Movie Make within Apple iMovie?

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wmv to imovie Well, all the efforts to import WMV to iMovie are for no avail. The reason is simple: iMovie won’t import WMV and a variety of other video files naturally which are obviously popular with Microsft’s Windows. What you need to do is to convert WMV to iMovie workable formats like DV, mpeg-4(.mp4) or Mpeg-2, MOV, first then import and edit later. Video converter for Mac is your best choice to perform the task to convert WMV to iMovie workable and import WMV to iMovie with little hassle. No other codecs is needed and no other players or programs need installing either.


Step by Step on how to use Video converter for Mac to import wmv to iMovie.

Step 1. Load WMV video files to Video converter for Mac
The Video converter for Mac supports batch mode conversion. You can load as many files in different formats as you like. Click the "Add Files" button to add WMV video files to the video converter for Mac.

WMV to iMovie, Import WMV into iMovie

Step 2, instruct the program to output video as DV or MP4
iMovie likes DV, MP4, MOV formats. you can select one of them as the output format.
To do so, go to Output…on the bottom of the panel then choose DV in the drop down menu as output format.

WMV to iMovie, Import WMV into iMovie

Step 3, Tweak iMovie Video and audio Settings
You can play with the Resolution, Encoder, Bit rate and Frame rate, Sample Rate, Channels, Encoder and Bit Rate by giving them different values to find the desired effect.

WMV to iMovie, Import WMV into iMovie

Step 4 Click 'Start' to convert WMV to iMovie on Mac