Export iMovie to WMV files

How do I export imovie08/09 to windows movie maker/quicktime/final cut to .wmv/mpg/avi and get them to play on Windows media player using iMovie to wmv converter Mac?

When you try to export a imovie08/09 edited file to .wmv file for uploading to Youtube or sharing with your Windows-based friends who prefer this format, only to find it saves parts of your movie, so is there a quick fix for this?


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Export iMovie to WMV How to export into windows movie maker WMV format straight from iMovie08, iMovie 09? Provided that you are not experienced with manipulating codecs.

First,mind you that 'wmv' isn't just one 'file' - the data in such a file can be encoded with many CODECs - some of which don't exist on Mac OS X.

To export as .wmv file by bringing your edited MOV into QuickTime Pro, Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro or Final Cut Pro and converting it out from there, (you had to export to .MP4 and then open up Quicktime or Final Cut Pro and export for a second time to .WMV file), it gets clipped halfway through and you can save a .wmv but it doesn't save the entire movie,even if you had purchased these plugins. So why?

Take Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro for example, what you are getting is a typical example of the capability of the paid for version, that is, the ability to export as WMV comes from the Flip4Mac WMV player plugin which is free for playback of .wmv file but not for export. If you need to export WMV from iMovie, you need to get more expensive version WMV Studio at $49, which allows you to import and export WMV to iMovie. Let me be clear, WMV Studio only allows you to import and export WMV, so if you want to convert your iMovie08 video to other formats like AVI next time, you need to get AVI component.


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If you really must export a Windows .wmv file from your imovie08, you will just try export imovie to wmv converter software- a rather better choice.

First with iMovie to WMV converter installed you can export your edited imovie projects(.mov's)into .wmv's smoothly. Just add the movie into imovie to wmv converter and it will convert it and export it and save as .wmv file.In fact,imovie to wmv converter could cover almost any format you throw into it, such as AVI,MPG, MP4,MOV, MKV, AVI, M2TS (AVCHD, H.264), FLV, ASF, etc,which will free you the trouble of gathering up all the assorted codecs separately. What's more,you can use its powerful editorial functions also like rotate, trim, crop and merge files to optimize the video in line with your special choice prior to conversion. I prefer imovie to wmv converter myself, which is quite user-friendly.

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With this export imovie to WMV converter,you can also export/convert imovie to windows movie maker avi, export/convert imovie to windows movie maker mpg, export/convert imovie to final cut/quicktime mp4, export/convert imovie to youtube, export/convert imovie to flash, export/convert imovie to facebook, export imovie project to another computer, export/convert imovie to quicktime, export/convert imovie to final cut express, export/convert imovie as avi, export/convert imovie as mpg, export/convert imovie as wmv, export/convert imovie as mp4,export/convert imovie as swf, export/convert imovie as flv,export/convert imovie to 3g2.

NOTE: Prior to conversion,you can also use imovie to wmv converter to preview video files,set start and end time,adjust the video aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 or just keep fullscreen,all depends on you.

Guide: How to export imovie to wmv,mpg,avi on Mac OS X?

Step 1: Free download imovie to wmv converter and install it.
The interface can be seen like this:

Export iMovie to wmv on mac osx.

Step2: Click 'Add file'button to load imovie files.
Under Profile option, choose mpg format (*.wmv) as output video format. Under Desternation option, click 'Browse" to choose the folder you want the converted wmv file to store.

Export iMovie to wmv on mac osx.

Now is the time for you to set the aspect ratio to your satisfaction,just click'Edit' on the main pannel and select the relevant option.

Export iMovie to wmv on mac osx.

Click 'convert'button to start convert and export imovie files to wmv file with fast conversion speed!

Export iMovie to wmv on mac osx.

Ok, we have already finished the process of converting and exporting imovie to wmv, why not download it now and try it by yourself with this imovie to wmv converter to convert and export imovie files to wmv and enjoy it on your Mac!