convert AVI to iMovie

How to import Divx or Xvid packed AVI file to iMovie HD/'08/'09?

iMovie does have its good points. Most important, it's easy to use. Editing is a simple matter of dragging and dropping clips from your video library, a feature implementation similar to iPhoto. Literally anyone could use this new genre of video editing program to create decent small format, short film clips.

Import AVI to iMovie

You may wish to import your AVI's from your video camera like Canon Powershot, Samsung, RCA, Panasonic, Flip Mino etc. directly into iMovie, to edit and creates a new video clip, but it often fails due to codec problem(e.g.Canon uses a proprietary codec for its .avi files). Now, just forget it, you can convert AVI to some format compatible with iMovie using the AVI to iMovie Converter software.

Question 1: avi in imovie.
My Canon Powershot camera takes movies in .avi which does not support in imovie. I got the divx codec to play them in quicktime, but I still would like to import and edit them on iMovie.

Question 2: avi on imovie.
Is it AVI compatible with iMovie and is there free software that will allows to convert avi to .mp4 or any other format compatible with imovie?

Question 3: imovie avi import
When I try to import AVI files from my Flip Mino video camera to iMovie, it crashes and shuts down before they import... I need help. Also, even if I try to just play a file in finder, quicktime will crash. It is weird, because the files worked perfectly on my old PC. Help please!


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avi to imovie what is AVI?

AVI is a file container for both audio and video content that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. It can hold any valid combination of audio and video compression formats supported by the system in use. Unfortunately, not all audio and video compression formats are supported by iMovie '08/'09. iMovie only read AVI that both the audio and the video were compressed using a codec that iMovie can use. If iMovie can' t recognize your AVI video files, it's because the codec used to create the AVI file is not supported by iMovie。

iMovie '08/'09 does not perform automatic file conversions as part of the import process as FCE, FCP, iMovie HD, or older versions of iMovie do.

The key problem about iMovie import AVI.

The key problem here is that iMovie '08/'09 edits files "natively" but only selected QT compression formats -- e.g., MOV, DV, AIC, Apple Animation, Apple Video, Motion-JPEG, Photo-JPEG , and supported profiles/levels of MPEG-4 or H.264. DivX, XviD, WMP, 3ivX, MKV, multiplexed MPG/MPEG/Flash, etc. files requiring third-party codecs cannot be imported/edited natively.

AVI to iMovie Converter: Easy to import AVI to iMovie.

Thus, it is necessary to know what compression formats are contained in you AVI file in order to know if it is edit/import compatible with iMovie '08/'09. If your movie plays in the QT player, then open the "Inspector" window and check the "Format:" to determine which compression formats are being used by your AVI file. For example, in the video inspector it says divx 6.0,640x 480, millions mpeg, mono, 44.100khz. This is a third-party, proprietary codec which can be converted to MOV or DV with AVI to iMovie Converter for Mac.

A way to go is convert AVI to some capable format to import into iMovie

You can convert the .AVI files from Canon Powershot, Samsung, RCA, Panasonic,Flip Mino video camera to some format more compatible with iMovie (e.g. MOV) using software AVI to iMovie Converter. iMovie likes .MOV a lot. With AVI to iMovie Converter, simply drag the .AVI file(s) to the AVI to iMovie Converter’s main screen, select "MOV" or "DV " as the conversion format, and away you go. The resulting .MOV files should be immediately importable into iMovie.



Step by step on how to convert .AVI file to work with iMovie on Mac?

Step 1. Download and Install AVI to iMovie Converter for Mac.

import Divx or Xvid packed AVI file to iMovie HD/'08/'09

Step 2. Add AVI files from your hard disk to the software, you can add more than one file at one time.

import Divx or Xvid packed AVI file to iMovie HD/'08/'09

Step 3. Convert AVI to MOV importable into iMovie.

import Divx or Xvid packed AVI file to iMovie HD/'08/'09

Step 4. Import MOV to iMovie.
First start iMovie, then choose File>Import, next, choose the converted videos you want to import from your project library, finally click "Open" to import.